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Exploring civil structure modeling with System Modeler

Posted 11 months ago

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Vedat Senol
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Thank you for your thoughtful reply and the additional details you provided.

System Modeler, indeed, is an excellent choice for modeling such systems. You're absolutely right that the 'Explore' feature significantly simplifies the process of testing different scenarios.

Concerning the specific dynamics you wish to capture, the level of fidelity can indeed vary greatly, ranging from stress and strain to vibrations and buckling. For the system you've illustrated, particularly if it's intended for educational purposes, I would suggest using the Planar Mechanics library as a starting point since the problem could be solved in 2D as well. This library can allow you to simulate the basic mechanics of the structure and observe the effects of different forces on it.

In addition to this, System Modeler is continually evolving and expanding its range of libraries tailored for Mechanical and Civil Engineering applications. For instance, the forthcoming Rotating Machinery Library (this library includes flexible Eulerian beams) and the existing Aircraft Library, Hydraulic Library, could provide valuable resources for more complex and specific simulations.

POSTED BY: Vedat Senol
Posted 10 months ago

Thank you so much for your prompt and welcomed answer, dear Vedat.

A very short answer to your questions:

First, the Reality (see attached pictures).

Then the Model as I could imagine it in SystemModeler.

As you know, everything could be known about the system (stresses, deformations, etc.) and that dynamically if we use Sliders to govern the components of the forces acting in a model in the Explore mode of SystemModeler.

Thank again and kindest regards.


PS1: all the reasonnings would be valid in Continuum Mechanics and in particular lead up to the wonderful job done at Wolfram about Partial Differential Equations (see the Wolfram documentation).

PS2: I am inquiring at the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Departments of the Swiss Institute of Technology to find out who uses SystemModeler and for which projects.





POSTED BY: Gianni Mocellin

Hello Gianni,

Certainly, it is feasible to model the system depicted in the image you provided. However, could you please clarify the specific dynamics you'd like to capture?

Specifically, is your truss structure assumed to be rigid or flexible? If the second, are you interested in the tip deflections?


POSTED BY: Vedat Senol
Posted 10 months ago

Dear Vedat,

Do you have an idea of how to model the very simple system drawn in the attached jpeg file with SystemModeler?

Thank you beforehand for your answer.

Kindest regards.

Gianni Mocellin

PS: WhatsApp or FaceTime call at 00 41 79 202 36 37


POSTED BY: Gianni Mocellin

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