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Converting natural language to Wolfram language in Wolfram Desktop

Posted 1 year ago

Hi all,

I am new to Wolfram products and would really appreciate some assistance! I am using a Wolfram|One trial subscription and trying to learn the ropes.

I want to work in an environment that allows me to use natural language when I am unsure of the correct Wolfram Language expression, while ALSO allowing me to program using Wolfram Language for the maturity of the time.

I had thought that Wolfram|One and its associated desktop application would allow me to do this. So far, I'm disappointed. Expressions that will evaluate in Wolfram|Alpha, will not evaluate in Wolfram|One when the "Interpret natural language into Wolfram Language code" function is used.

For example, I tried to use the natural language expression "busiest airports in the world" and receive an error:

Message: "No Wolfram language translation found. Tag: NoParse Query: busiest airports in the world

This same expression evaluates in Wolfram|Alpha.

Is this expected behavior? Or what am I doing incorrectly?

Additional details:

Software: Wolfram desktop MAC OS X ARM (64 bit) Function: "Interpret natural language into Wolfram Language code"

Thank you!

POSTED BY: Cogni Curious
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Posted 1 year ago

Hi Ahmed,

Thank you for your reply.

I've learned that the "Interpret natural language into Wolfram Language code" button/style does not query Wolfram Alpha.

I see now that you can type "==" in a new cell (or alternately select "Wolfram|Alpha Query" after clicking the "+" icon to choose a new cell type) to get the kind of cell that you showed in your example.

Gee, this really isn't intuitive for a new user. I spent a long time looking over the icons that go across the top menu bar and at the items in the Format > Style menu. Wolfram|Alpha Query is not listed there.

I wanted to add the resolution in case another community member has the same question in the future.

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POSTED BY: Cogni Curious

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna
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