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Error changing Dataset using Part in V10

Posted 7 years ago
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In the new guide Computation With Structured Datasets we can find this part, on how to change a Dataset

enter image description here

But if we create a Dataset like:


And then make:

ds[[1, 1]] = 2

Or, closer to my real case test:

ds[[All, "a"]] = Accumulate@Normal@ds[[All, "a"]]

We get an error:

"Part specification ds[[1,1]] is longer than depth of object"

"Part specification ds[[All,1]] is longer than depth of object. "

Is this a Bug?

Setting is not working on Dataset as stated by documentation.

Without this operation, it's very difficult to use Dataset in real world applications.

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4 Replies

Yes, that appears not to work. Although accessing parts by using things like ds[[All, "a"]] does work as expected.

Documentation glitch. Thank you for pointing it out.

I reported it to documentation staff.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can parts of Dataset be assigned new values as of version If so, what is the syntax?

No upgrade for V10.0.2.0.

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