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How to get .pdf files to actually show up in my Cloud files?

Posted 1 year ago

I was wondering how to convert a Wolfram notebook to a pdf so I can print it? And once its converted, how to access it in Cloud? My progress so far:
I have three files, called BesyWay.nb, AnotherWay.nb, AThirdWay.nb. Ive got the system to cpnvert these to pdf (I think), using the following code:

Export["BestWay.pdf", Get["BestWay.nb"]]
Export["AnotherWay.pdf", Get[["AnotherWay.nb"]]
Export["AThirdWay.pdf", Get,["AThirdWay.nb"]]

When I run each line of code in its own separate cell, , the output gives me a .pdf file name, and the option to open this file. All this in a little box below the output gile name. So i click on "open", and I get the output


for example. I even try running this code. As a check that the pdf file BestWay.pdf is really in the system, I try running the following code:
Import[BestWay.pdf] And when I do that, the output gives me an image lookong just like the file I want in pdf. I even click on extract image, and it gives me a bigger copy of the image (but very bad quality and I cant use it). So, all this shows me that the pdf file, BestWay.pdf, is somewhere in the system. But when I look in my files, eg All my Files, Recent Files, etc, it doesnt show up, nore when i try searchong the system for it. When i go to Recent Files, all i see is my .nb files, even though my .pdf files are somewhere in the system. So my question is, how do i get my .pdf files to show up, eg in Recent Files, along with my .nb files, sp that i can access my .pdf files? Also, how do I then save them yo my device so that I can print them out?

POSTED BY: Lewis Jones
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