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Help in understanding code in Wolfram demonstrations

Posted 10 years ago

If I don't understand some parts of code in Wolfram demonstrations, where or who should I turn to. Is there any resources on the internet that I can use. The thing I want to do is a model of achromatic prism, and therefore I need to understand these two previously .

But I have difficulties in doing that. The problem is not the program language I think I get that in principal, its rather that I don't understand some parts specific to the problem. I was hoping if there are some references from the authors or their explanations of demonstrations that I could read. So could anyone point me to somewhere I could get help on this one or I'm on my own here?


Well, it depends very much on your own expertise. Some authors are well versed in Mathematica and are familiar with a large number of functions which ordinary people (like me, for example) rarely have met before. In those cases, one must go step by step, going back and forth from the on-line help browser. Sometimes one finds extremely clever solutions which simply take time to understand. And sometimes, fortunately, some of the authors are kind and generous enough to provide some guidance to less experienced readers. And, of course, you can pose specific questions to this community or other places like math group or stack exchange, and you might get the answer you need.

POSTED BY: Tomas Garza
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