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Using the output on ParametricNDSolve in a Piecewise function

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ParametricNDSolve is basically the setup part of NDSolve, for use when you want to numerically solve similar differential equations multiple times and they only differ in terms of certain parameters. To get a solution from it, you have to specify the values of the parameters, as NDSolve is a numerical algorithm. It's not like DSolve, which can keep parameters as symbols. You're not providing the values of the parameters.

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas

Thanks - that's a pain! I was hoping to use nonlinearmodelfit for the parameters {kme,kmn,j,eo} between known limits. The fact that the function is different before and after the boundary rn is complicating my attempts to do so, which is why I was trying to use Piecewise. Is there a clever way around this issue?

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