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Need help with DialogInput (cancelled)

Posted 9 years ago
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Hi all, I have a problem (maybe in my understanding...) with DialogInput. I want to place a Dialog in a Module, so one can make a choice an this choice is given back from the module. I´ve striped of all unnecessary code and have enclosed the example.

dazu = {"Alpha", "Beta", "Gamma"}; dict = {"a", "b", "c"}; erweitern[dazu, dict] = Module[{}, DialogInput[{}, Column[{{ListPicker[Dynamic@sel, dazu], Dynamic@sel}, Button["OK", DialogReturn[sel]]}]]; Union[sel, dict] ]

This works fine when the module "erweitern" is defined, but nothing happens when keying in:

erweitern[dazu, {"eins"}]

Can someone give me a hint what is going wrong here and how a can manage to make such a "chooser-function"? Greetings


POSTED BY: Michael Gamer

Sorry.... just saw it:

it´s a typo, I missed a ":" in the definition of the module * shame *

This is the kind of errors where one can spend a lot of time without seeing it...



POSTED BY: Michael Gamer
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