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BarSpacing in BoxWhiskerChart broken in version 10

Posted 10 years ago

In Mma v9 the spacing between the BoxWhisker and the frame can be controlled by BarSpacing. For example:

data = RandomReal[50, 200];
BoxWhiskerChart[data, Frame -> {{False, False}, {True, True}}, BarSpacing -> 0, BarOrigin -> Left, AspectRatio -> 2/3]

gives the following output in Mma 9:


But in Mma 10 (even after adding "PlotTheme -> None") the result is:

enter image description here

Note that this undocumented change in behavior also ruines the aspect ratio.

Is this a bug or a fix in Mma 10 and what other ways are there to alter the distance between the bar and the frame?

POSTED BY: Karsten 7.
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