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//TableForm not working as an API function but working in the desktop

Posted 10 years ago

Hi All, My question is, why does the following piece of code work in the desktop, but not as a Cloud APIFunction?

wlfrmfx[] := Module[{},
   currencies = FinancialData["Currencies"];
   fxlist = FinancialData["EUR/" <> #] & /@ currencies;
   Partition[Riffle[currencies, fxlist], 2] // TableForm]

Thanks in advance for any help!

4 Replies

It is not a browser issue as: I have tried it on chrome (windows) and internet explorer i would expect // TableForm to be executed server side right?

Would it be worthwhile to post an object url?

Thanks for all the help it is much appreciated!

Maybe it's a browser issue? I didn't see it on chrome on Mac.

If you see something like this, you can report the issue using the Feedback button at the bottom of the page.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

When you say that it doesn't work, what are you seeing happen? Is there an error message? Does it timeout?

The code does query a decent amount of information and I could see the computation timing-out because it was taking too long.

Currently however, this seems to be working the same for me on the desktop and programming cloud.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Hi Sean, Thanks for taking the time to check this. The result is something like this:


As if it doesn't recognize the function TableForm at all.

I don't really think there is a time out as: - When not using // TableForm I do get data back (in an ugly format but data nevertheless) - The data I get back is not that much 20 currencies and their fx rate to the Euro.



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