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Introducing our brand new Wolfram R&D YouTube Channel!

Join us for livestreams, exclusive VODs, creator presentations, behind-the-scenes insider videos, and so much more. Whether you're curious about what we do or want to connect live with R&D developers, there's something for you on our channel.

Don't miss out on the latest updates and exciting content -- subscribe now and become a part of our community!

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Don't miss out on Episode 2 of the Numerical Computation mini-series! Mark Sofroniou discusses applications and uses of numerical computation. Check it out here on YouTube!

POSTED BY: Keren Garcia

Our first episode in our new mini-series on Numerical Computation features Rob Knapp giving an overview of numerical computation. Check out the video on our YouTube channel!

POSTED BY: Keren Garcia

Check out or newest internal talk on Developer Tools here!

POSTED BY: Keren Garcia

Another internal R&D talk on external libraries is available!

Check out Working with Libraries via the Compiler here.

POSTED BY: Keren Garcia

We've just posted two videos on parallel computing, both are internal R&D talks!

Check out Parallel Computing in the Wolfram Compiler here and Parallel Computing in the Wolfram Language here.

POSTED BY: Keren Garcia
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