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Display changes in Notebook Input and In-Line Math in Text

Posted 10 years ago

Comparing the display in input cells and in-line math (Cntl + 9) in text cells between 9.0.1 and 10 I noticed the in-line math is much more "blocky", for example the left square bracket always looks almost as if its bold, greek characters have a lot of extraneous edges, and in Input cells greek characters no longer display bold even though I have the style for Input cell text set to bold. I know these are all minor, but in some notebooks I have a lot of in-line math within text cells and now, in 10, its very ugly. I use Windows 7, with display settings in Windows set to best performance. I tried to add jpg file showing what I am writing about but the add image option here failed.

Anyone else experiencing this changed behavior from 9.0.1 to 10?


POSTED BY: Brian Lamm
Posted 10 years ago

Anyone experienced/experiencing the same change in display behavior? Yes? No? If yes, what remedy? Brian

POSTED BY: Brian Lamm
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