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Force the phase. ThermodynamicData for saturated liquid *and* vapor.

Posted 10 years ago

This returns the density of saturated liquid 958.367 kg/m3:

ThermodynamicData["Water", "Density", {"Pressure" -> Quantity[1, "Atmosphere"], 
"Temperature" -> Quantity[ThermodynamicData["Water","LiquidVaporPhaseBoundary", 
{"Pressure" -> Quantity[1, "Atmosphere"]}][[1]], "Kelvin"]}]

Other than doing something ugly like this

ThermodynamicData["Water", "Density", {"Pressure" ->Quantity[1, "Atmosphere"], 
"Temperature" -> Quantity[ThermodynamicData["Water","LiquidVaporPhaseBoundary", 
{"Pressure" -> Quantity[1.001, "Atmosphere"]}][[1]], "Kelvin"]}]

how can I get the density of saturated vapor 958.3675 kg/m3?


POSTED BY: Glenn Carlson

Mathematica should allow the users to select the phase directly. Any material can exists as either liquid or vapor at the same temperature. HVAC analysis require you to compare enthalpy of liquid and vapor at the same temperature.

Matlab packages does this with explicit selection of phase. For example, XSteam, package gives entropy based on temperature and phase in saturation.

XSteam('sV_T', TemperatureInCentigrade ) XSteam('sL_T', TemperatureInCentigrade )

POSTED BY: Jihad AlSadah
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