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Mma10 mystery: Failure of pure function substitution with Interpretation?

Posted 10 years ago

I had code to display with subscripts from which is now breaking an innocuous pure function substitution as in The substitution itself has nothing to do with any actual display of subscripts.

I am having a little trouble creating a minimal example, but here goes. First, in Mathematica 10 try the pre-side effect code:

 ODE = F'[z] == g F[z]
Fguess = {F-> (Exp[a #]&)}
ODE /. Fguess //FullSimplify

(* => e^(a z)(a - g)== 0, the proper output *)

Now, add in the following code, stripped down from that previous example. This isn't intended to actually have anything to do with the substitution, but is causing side effects.

NotScriptedVarQ[z_] := ! MemberQ[$scriptedfunctionsvars, z, Infinity];
makeDef[pat_, body_] := (MakeBoxes[a : pat, fmt_] := 
ToBoxes[Interpretation[body, a], fmt] /; 
 MemberQ[Union[$scriptedconstants, $scriptedfunctions], 
  Unevaluated@h]; )
makeDef[h_Symbol[argssub__?NotScriptedVarQ], h[argssub]];
$scriptedconstants = {};
$scriptedfunctions = {};
$scriptedfunctionsvars = {};

Now, try the substitution and a few permutations:

 (*The ODE and guess are*)
ODE = F'[z] == g F[z]
Fguess = {F -> (Exp[a #] &)}
(*Substituting NOW DOESN'T work*)
ODE /. Fguess // FullSimplify
(*But if the guess is NOT displayed before the substitution(i.e., no ;) WORKS!*)
Fguess = {F -> (Exp[a #] &)};
ODE /. Fguess // FullSimplify
(*And if the guess is substituted directly, IT WORKS!*)
F'[z] == g F[z] /. {F -> (Exp[a #] &)} // FullSimplify

As this used to work fine in Mathematica 9, I imagine this is a bug. If so, any idea of a workaround? One last thing I learned: If you change the definition so that NotScriptedVarQ[z_] := True, or change it to always be False, the bug is no longer there!

POSTED BY: Jesse Perla
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