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Find tangent line to the circle

Posted 10 years ago


I basically have a circle with given radius and it's displacement from the origin and now I have to calculate the tangent to the circle at a given point. (Basically if I can get the slope of the tangent it's ok, I don't need more). I did use some google but I couldn't find an idea how to do this in Mathemathica? :/

Any ideas?

POSTED BY: Mitja Jan?i?
2 Replies

So it is as easy as -(x1-x0)/(y1-y0) ?

POSTED BY: Mitja Jan?i?

is displacement from origin means the coordinates of the center (x0,y0) of the circle? If so, and you know a the coordinates of a given point on the circle say (x1,y1), then why is the radius also given? Not needed, you use use EuclideanDistance to find radius.

But if you know 2 points (x0,y0) and (x1,y1) already, then you can find the slope of this line (the radius). The tangent will be normal to this. So add 90 degrees?

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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