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[WSRP23] Analysing ancient Greek syntax

An example of syntax structure

POSTED BY: Danae Dresiou
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Posted 5 months ago

I am interested in this for Sanskrit.

POSTED BY: Renay Oshop

Excellent project, Danae! I just saw you going over it on YouTube. I can see you applying this method to genomic studies, as DNA is the natural language of biology. Here, I illustrate what I mean using OpenAI's DALLĀ·E 3 model (2023).An illustration comparing alphabets from a foreign language with DNA nucleotides.

Sorry , I do not understand how this is relevant to my project, could you restate how my project can be applied here?

POSTED BY: Danae Dresiou

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POSTED BY: Moderation Team

Congratulations. Welcome in Wolfram Mathematica. Very interesting work !!!

Cool project. Great job

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