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Connecting Mathematica 10 and MySQL on Mac OSX Mavericks

Posted 10 years ago

Hey There,

I'm new to both of the above programs, which run on Mac OSX Mavericks. The MySQL database is running under Sequel Pro. I need to get the database I have in MySQL into Mathematica and run statistics on the data. Mathematica seems to have a wonderful data source/connection wizard to facilitate connecting to JDBC databases.

The problem is that it asks for the following information: Hostname, Port (already filled in for me), Database, Attributes, Username, Password.

I have no idea where to find the hostname, what I should use as the database name (the title seems to be mysql), or how I can list all of the attributes. I have a username and password provided by either MySQL or Sequel Pro. A confounding problem is that I cannot find the actual MySQL database except thru Sequel Pro. MySQL starts with my computer and appears to be living in a private /var/ file. Any suggestions on how I can make this work without complex command line instructions (that's why I'm using the wizard) or scripts? Many thanks for reading!

POSTED BY: Ryan Dallavia

To begin with, try localhost and don't worry about the attributes. Enter your user name and password. The available databases should then be available to select.

enter image description here

If the preceding steps don't work you will need to provide more specific information about your server configuration and SQL setup.

POSTED BY: Emerson Willard
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