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ImageCapture[] Problem with frame grabber

A have a pinnable 500 and 700 frame grabber. The image system deliveres using S video and the frame grabber converts to USB 2.0 connection to my computer running Mathematica 10 on windows 8.1

The ImageCaprture[] command works fine with any web cam, but is hanging with the frame grabber. The ImagingDevices[] function confirms that Mathematica is detecting the frame grabber, but the ImageCapture[] command does not capture the image. It looks like the Mathematica can not handle all the memory delivered by the frame grabber. Any aidea how to overcome this?

POSTED BY: Jose Calderon

THis is an old post that very interested to take back life. I have not been able to go around using Framegrabbers to input video data from the oldest S video cameras.

I use the FIndeDevice[] commnad. Mathematica detects the framegrabber as a camera, but when trying to open the device, Mathematica hangs.

POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
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