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Seeking Paid Technical Reviewer for Mathematica/Wolfram Book

Hi Wolfram community,

I have an opportunity for a Wolfram subject matter expert to provide a paid technical review of the revision of Apress’ upcoming book, “Beginning Mathematica and Wolfram for Data Science." This revised edition aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of data science using Mathematica and the Wolfram Language, delving into new features, advanced techniques, and real-world applications.

Book Overview: The revised book will cover a wide range of topics including Wolfram Cloud Integration, in-depth exploration of data types in Mathematica, essential programming concepts, advanced code performance and debugging techniques, and the incorporation of Notebook styles. We have also incorporated the latest functionalities from code version 13 for imported and exported data. The content has been reorganized for improved context, ensuring a smoother learning experience for our readers. For more information, please see the book description here:

Opportunity Details: We are seeking a Wolfram expert who can provide a technical review of the manuscript. Your role will involve conducting an overall assessment of each chapter, identifying any potential technical errors, and offering valuable feedback to enhance the quality and accuracy of the content. We expect the reviewer to have the necessary software and resources to test the provided code under various operating systems and languages mentioned in the text.

Compensation and Recognition: For this project, we offer a standard rate of $1.00 per manuscript page (page count is expected to be 430 pages). Additionally, your expertise will be recognized with a dedicated "About the Reviewer" section in the front matter of the book, allowing you to showcase your biography and accomplishments. You will also receive a complimentary copy of the book as a token of our appreciation for your contribution.

Schedule: The review will begin in mid-November after the author submits the first three chapters. From there, the author will submit the remaining chapters through March 1st. It’s expected the reviewer will be able to supply feedback incrementally as new chapters become available. We are hoping to have the full review completed by the end of March.

How to Express Interest: If you are passionate about the Wolfram Language and possess a strong command of its intricacies, we invite you to express your interest in this opportunity. Please send your CV to, as well as any additional relevant experience, qualifications, and your familiarity with the Wolfram Language.

POSTED BY: Melissa Duffy
3 Replies

Just out of curiosity, how much time do you anticipate the reviewer would spend on each of the manuscript pages — so that folks who apply for this opportunity would have the ability to compute what their actual hourly rate would be? $15/hour comes to 4 minutes per page.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Hi David! Thank you for your inquiry. Admittedly, it’s challenging to provide a precise estimate as the time spent on each page can vary significantly. Certain pages might necessitate only a brief one-minute read with no comments, whereas there may be some chapters where 2-4 comments need to be meticulously considered, in addition to an overarching evaluation for the author’s benefit. Meanwhile, to minimize the reviewer’s time and streamline the process, we request they focus solely on suspected technical inaccuracies and ignore any miscellaneous errors.

POSTED BY: Melissa Duffy

Thank you Melissa. This gives folks a better sense of the level of effort that they would be involved. It is very helpful to folks to provide this extra additional information since they will not have seen the document before reaching out to you. Best of luck to you! And I look forward to seeing the book.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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