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Is there a memory limit in Mathematica v10 Home Edition ?

Posted 10 years ago

Can anyone confirm if V 10 Home edition will use up to 64 GB of RAM if a computation asks for it ?

I suppose a better question would be, does anyone know if there is an upper memory (RAM) limit that Mma Home edition *any version cannot access beyond? I ask this question because I am looking to upgrade my pc and would like to have 64 GB of RAM, However, it would seem pointless if Mma won't access anything above 32 GB say or even lower. I have looked through all documentation but the only reference to memory is the lower limit of 2 GB. It may seem an odd question but there is a 16 GB limit of how much RAM Win 7 64 bit Home edition can actually access, you need the Professional version to go above this limit. I am just drawing a parallel line here.


POSTED BY: Paul Cleary
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