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The Complex Architecture of the Vault System of an Early Medieval Church

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Enrico Babilio
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This is extraordinary! Thank you for sharing.

POSTED BY: Carl Hahn

Dear Carl, thank you very much. Best regards, Enrico

POSTED BY: Enrico Babilio

Thank you Enrico and Silvana for sharing this notebook with the rest of the Community. The graphics are beautiful and show that early medieval architects were better geometers than many of their modern counterparts today. The medieval religious notion that God is the ultimate geometer is inherent in many of these structures. I still get get a thrill every time I enter these all encompassing structures.

POSTED BY: Michael Kelly

Dear Michael, thank you for your words of appreciation. Silvana and I are very happy that you like our work. Best regards, Enrico

POSTED BY: Enrico Babilio

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