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How to find notebook that I saved to Wolfram Cloud?

Posted 6 months ago

This is my first time trying to use wolframcloud.

I did "save to cloud" from a desktop notebook, and it apparently succeeded, but did not return a URL to me. The name of the notebook changed to wri-fe-12663.nb, and it seems to work on the desktop. I want other people to be able to interact with it (evaluate cells, click on "Manipulate" controls), but I don't know how to give them a URL for it. The notebook at this link:

does not exist. The cloud dashboard does not show my file. I don't know how to find it. I did "publish to cloud" and I got a URL. The URL points to something that is not interactive. You can't click on "Manipulate" controls, You can't evaluate cells.

POSTED BY: Brian Beckman
Posted 6 months ago

In the desktop try evaluating this to get the URL for your notebook:


and for your published notebook:


Is anything at either of those locations?

When you say "the cloud dashboard does not show my file", what you mean by cloud dashboard, are you looking in the browser in the Wolfram Cloud webapp, or in the desktop product, and what part of the UI?

POSTED BY: Joel Klein
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