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Wolfram|Alpha cannot interpret most inputs. Fix that.

Posted 7 months ago

When I go to Wolfram|Alpha and ask something, most of the time it replies with “Sorry, but Wolfram|Alpha doesn‘t know how to interpret your input.“

In a recent case I asked “How many apples fit in 60 liters“ and it gave an answer. But when I asked “How many spheres with a 3cm radius fit in 60 liters“ it gave the response from earlier; the “Wolfram|Alpha doesn‘t know how to interpret your input“ even though I think that someone knows what I mean by that.

That is the reason why Wolfram|Alpha doesn‘t bring me further in everyday life. I don‘t like that

Do you have any tips on what I might be doing wrong and what I could fix so it responds correctly. And to the developers: “Please fix that…“

Thanks in advance.

Bye, Nils!

POSTED BY: Nils Müller
3 Replies
Posted 7 months ago

Perhaps you would perform an experiment.

Pay your $20 or more to use one of the best LLM AI tools for a month.

Give it 100 or more of the kinds of queries that you consistently ask.

Give WolframAlpha the exact same queries

Record exactly the queries and the responses from both.

And then post the complete results of that experiment.

I would be very interested in seeing the results of that.

All that information might enable someone to see a pattern in the way that you pose queries and possibly suggest a different style which might be more likely to give you the answers you want.

When I experimented for a minute with your query above and WolframAlpha and I tried a few variations I finally got to

volume 3 cm radius sphere

which returned

0.1131 liters


60 liters / ( 0.1131 liters )

which returned


But I am expecting that is unacceptable for you.

POSTED BY: Bill Nelson
Posted 7 months ago

And what about the packing density…

POSTED BY: Nils Müller
Posted 7 months ago

And that doesn‘t work: 60 liters / (volume 3cm radius sphere in liter)

POSTED BY: Nils Müller
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