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GeoPosition::invcoord: WolframAlphaClient`Private`pair:{... message?

Posted 10 years ago

I've just recently started using Mathematica (v9.01). I get the following message whenever I use freeform input (prefaced by =) or Wolfram|Alpha input (prefaced by ==):

GeoPosition::invcoord: WolframAlphaClientPrivatepair:{?NumberQ, ?NumberQ} is not a valid coordinate specification.

I also occasionally get the following message as well:

General::stop: Further output of GeoPosition::invcoord will be suppressed during this calculation.

It looks like there might be some background attempt to send location data with these requests. I've scanned through the Mathematica preferences and the only thing that I see that might be related is the "Internet Connectivity->Wolfram|Alpha->Mathematica Session Info" option which is set to "Always Send".

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to get rid of it?



enter image description here

POSTED BY: Gary White
2 Replies

This issue should be fixed by the latest update for the WolframAlphaClient paclet, which will be automatically applied the next time you start Mathematica 9 and Evaluate a WolframAlpha input(via the = or == prefix).

If you continue to have this problem after restarting Mathematica, please evaluate the following and post the results here.: WolframAlpha["2+2", "Result"] PacletInformation["WolframAlpha"]

POSTED BY: Nick Lariviere
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks for the response Nick.

I've upgraded to v10 and the problem is no longer happening.

POSTED BY: Gary White
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