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Anyone interested in algorithms to discover Elliott Waves in stock data?

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone out there had written algorithms to find Elliott Waves in a stock data display.
I have written algorithms (for the fun of it) to find all the potential Elliott Waves in a candlestick chart and to represent them as a graph. And thanks to the powerful Graph functionality in Mathematica, it is easy to find specified patterns (like Zig-Zag, impulsive, corrective waves, etc...) The information about different patterns of waves is then also contained in the Graph (or equivalently in the Adjacency Matrix).
Finding a pattern (e.g. Zig-Zag, Head-and-Shoulder, etc...), becomes as simple as using the FindIsomorphicSubgraph function.
I am now looking into the idea of using that approach in conjunction with Graph Neural Networks to see if Elliott Waves have predictive capabilities.
It would be fun to share my research and see what others have come up with or think.

POSTED BY: Henrick Jeanty
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