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Please explain: API calls and Cloud credits

Posted 10 years ago

Please can you explain what is meant by an "API call" in the context of cloud charging?

Also can you please explain when "credits" are used.

I cannot find a clear statement that will allow me to decide whether to further investigate the cloud options.

I think people purchasing into the system need this information in advance to make informed choices.

POSTED BY: William Stewart
3 Replies

Thank-you. To be honest I don't really understand how it works. Can I ask about an example to make things clearer?

Suppose I have a CDF that I would like people to be able to access from the web. Suppose it uses an auxiliary file of text and cannot therefore be deployed in the old way. Presumably I can set it up as a notebook and export it to the cloud.

Will I use a cloud credit each time someone uses the url?

POSTED BY: William Stewart

We are currently working to improve the Cloud Credits page; we've learned a lot from customer feedback about what is confusing. Until that new page is live, here are a few main points:

  • There are two different types of resources which are metered. W|A API calls and Cloud Credits.
  • W|A API Calls are really just calls that return W|A pods as results. Using = or == both would make W|A API calls.
  • Cloud Credits are used for computations via a deployment and for specialized resources/tasks.
  • Cloud users are NOT charged for computations while in a Wolfram Cloud notebook. While you are logged into Wolfram Programming Cloud or Mathematica Online, you have an assigned kernel. If a deployment such as a CloudCDF, Instant AP, etc. is being accessed, that is utilizing different resources which are metered by Cloud Credits. 100ms of computation via a deployment = 1 Cloud Credit.
  • Semantic functions and entity calls (accessing the Wolfram Knowledgebase) consume Cloud Credits. 5 credits for semantic functions and 2 credits for entity calls.

WPC Free's monthly allotment of Cloud Credits was just increased from 500 to 1000 Cloud Credits. Very soon, we will also provide a large learning bonus to help users explore the language.

Thank you for your feedback and the constructive conversation. We are continuing to make changes based on what we learn.

POSTED BY: Clayton Voyles

If you haven't found these links yet, perhaps they will help...

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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