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Why doesn't my desktop Manipulate work on the Wolfram Cloud?

Posted 9 months ago

I have two notebooks (tiltg.nb and tiltb.nb, attached) which, when viewed by the desktop notebook interface, are identical. However, they exhibit different behaviors when uploaded to the Wolfram Cloud. The first shows the output cell produced by a closed Manipulate cell. The second shows an empty Manipulate panel colored pink, with no explanation of why it failed. When I explicitly open and evaluate the closed cell containing the Manipulate in the second, it produces the desired output cell.

I made a textual comparison of the two notebooks. There are some expected differences including Cell Change Times, Expression UUID, CellLabel, CellContext, NotebookDataLength, NotebookOptionsPosition, NotebookOutlinePosition, and CellTagsIndexPosition. The only suspicious difference is that the working version has an Initialization section containing lines like the following:

Attributes[$CellContext`center$] = {Temporary},
Attributes[$CellContext`square$] = {Temporary}}

for each of the Manipulate's Module's local Symbols.

I assume these lines are somehow generated when the Manipulate is evaluated, and I don't know why the working version has them and the erroneous version doesn't.

My questions are the following: - Could these Attributes lines explain why the first notebook worked and the second didn't? - If not, could you suggest what might be causing the failure? - How/why do these Attributes lines (and the Initialization section) get generated? - What can I do to ensure that the second version of the notebook has them? - What is the $CellContext context, and what does {Temporary} signify?

Background: This particular Manipulate has been used successfully on the desktop for several years. I want to include the Manipulate as part of a larger notebook in the cloud, and I don't want the end user to confront a pink panel.

Locally, I am running on a MacBook M2, with Sonoma 14.0 and Mathematica I am not aware of having done any specific customization to my cloud account. The Graphics.wl library (referenced in the initialization cell) is a mature collection of function definitions that works successfully on both the desktop and the cloud. I have attached the relevant functions in a notebook (graphics.nb).

POSTED BY: Spencer Rugaber
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