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Mathematica 10 on Linux Mint 17: Manipulate does not work

Posted 10 years ago


I just upgraded from Mathematica 9 to Mathematica 10 and encountered a problem with manipulate. When I execute manipulate, the output looks fine - but I cannot use the sliders or input a new value for the variable, which I want to manipulate. The funny thing is, when I start the autorun (the little plus sign on the top right corner of the manipulate output) it works as it should...

I guess there's the control elements do not work properly in the manipulate mask.

And I all manipulate functions I call have this problem - also the demonstrations in the Mathematica help.

I'm using Mathematica on Linux Mint 17 (Kernel 3.13.0-32)

Did you also encounter this problem?

Thanks in advance!

3 Replies

Hi Juergen,

I am running Mathematica Version "10.2.0 for Linux x86 (32-bit) (July 6, 2015)" on Kubuntu 14.04 (LTS). I am not experiencing any problems. Same with versions 10.0 and 10.1. Mathematicas system requirements do not mention Mint. So I would rather change my system instead of using version 9; version 10.2 has too many advantages!

Regards -- Henrik

POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner

Hello Jurgen,

I am encountering the same problem you describe, also with version 10 on ubuntu (I think 14).

At least after reading your post I learned about the Autorun trick, thanks.

At some point I thought I had fixed this by making sure the box 'Dynamic Evaluation Enabled' under 'Evaluation' was checked. But that most have been an illusion. Right now that is not helping. It seems to be an issue with Linux. It is possible there may be an easy fix, like some very hidden setting that comes with the wrong default in the Linux version, but I am speculating...



POSTED BY: Otto Linsuain

Hey again, dear Wolfram Community,

Since it's now a year ago that I posted my questions concerning the Manipulate issues on Linux, I just want to give it another try, if somebody of you have encountered this problem and maybe have a solution!

I was hoping that Mathematica 10.1 and 10.2 would fix this issue, so I installed it but - without any success. Instead, Manipulate now causes Kernel freezes, whereupon after some minutes I can decide whether to abort the calculation or wait - in both cases this leads to a Kernel crash. With this issue, Manipulate is not usable.

It seems, that this problem is not so seldom (

So, I would be curious , if any of you has the same problem or runs Mathematica 10 on Mint/Ubuntu without this Manipulate issue?

P.S. As a solution for me, I use Mathematica 9 in cases I need Manipulate - but this is not very satisfying for me, because by now I'm used to the Mathematica 10 features ;)

Best Regards, Jürgen

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