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Colorful BubbleCharts with Mathematica

Posted 10 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to plot a "complicated" chart. I have some seismic events, I want to place them on a chart with their coordinates (X and Y), I want their size to change according to their magnitude AND their color to change according to the moment they occured.

I've 4 lists, including X, Y, M (the magnitude) and t (the arrival time). With Bubble chart I managed to get all the parameters together excepting the last one, I can't find how to change the color according to a list which isn't part of the plotting function:

I have this :

data = Transpose@{X, Y, M}; BubbleChart[data, BubbleSizes -> {0.01, 0.1}]

What can I add to have my t-vector for color scale ?

Thanks a lot


POSTED BY: Anne Draegniar
Posted 10 years ago

You could use Style wrapper for each data. For exmaple,

data = RandomReal[1, {10, 4}];
BubbleChart[Style[#[[;; 3]], ColorData["TemperatureMap"][#[[4]]]] & /@ data]
POSTED BY: Jaebum Jung
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