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Wondering about which license to purchase

Posted 4 months ago

Hello, my plan is to use Mathematica for exploring calculus, just for fun (I'm retired). I want to figure out which license to get. I'm looking at Home|Desktop, Home|Desktop with 1 year of personal license service, and Home Desktop |Cloud.

I'd like to keep it affordable so if Home|Desktop does what I need, I'll get that one.

I want to understand some features that come with the higher priced options. "Home Desktop with 1 year of personal license service" says it comes with updates, but Home | Desktop doesn't say that. I can understand why, but what about the Home | Desktop subscription ($200/year)? I would expect that to come with updates.

Home Desktop | Cloud says it comes with full cloud access, while the other two say "basic" cloud access. Anyone know what is missing in "basic"?

Finally, "Home | Desktop with 1 year of personal license service" says it comes with email technical support. I'm wondering what kind of support I would get. Would I actually get help with a program I'm writing, like finding a bug or explaining a fundamental function?

Thank you.

POSTED BY: Michael Mossey
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