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[BOOK] Parameterizing Regular Quadratic Surface Intersection Curves

Posted 7 months ago

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POSTED BY: Barry H Dayton
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I have discovered that although this post displays correctly in the web and notebook versions that if one tries to run the entire notebook at once that it does not come out correctly. As I have explained, this method is not designed to be automatic, the user should be working through this and monitoring the randomized algorithms as they are only probabilistic, however I have tried to give sample results that should work.

The is one actual error in the notebook version. In the definition of the procedure FLT3D there is a variable dTol that has not been initialized. This should be initialized as dTol:=1.*^-12 or 10^-12. Better just replace dTol by this number as it will not be used again.

However there are still some inconsistencies in my sample variables. Rather than try to list them I am attaching a corrected notebook to this reply. The original web version is still OK

POSTED BY: Barry H Dayton

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