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Why is 'Mathematica' written in italics?

Posted 10 years ago

Software titles are usually not written in italics (e.g. "Microsoft Word"), but Mathematica always seems to be italic. Is there any reason for this, or is just the Wolfram house style? (I promise this question isn't completely irrelevant! I haven't been able to find the answer anywhere else, so I thought I'd ask here.) Thanks

POSTED BY: Tim Carruthers
2 Replies

I think that the italicization comes from the trademarked presentation of the name itself:

enter image description here

So it is not, in effect italicizing the name, but rather it is presenting the trademark as the name.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks! That answer makes sense to me.

POSTED BY: Tim Carruthers
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