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Can anyone help with error at calling InstallNET?

Happy new year to all members of the Wolfram community.

I am learning how to call dlls from Mathematica since I want to use tools developed in the electric distribution analysis. I have started with the very common example that add to real numbers. I have generated the .dll in Visual Studio and C#. I had no troubles to generate the dll. However, I had several issues while loading the required .NEtLink. I did this


I got the following errors

enter image description here

I thought MathLink was part of my Wolfram Desktop bundle. I is not?

Hope someone can help!



I'm having the same issue, but on Linux (RHEL 9). From my research, the problem is not MathLink but it can't find the .NET runtime.

On my RHEL 9 system, I've got .NET 8.0.4 (/usr/lib64/dotnet), but I think MathLink is having trouble finding it or it may be an incompatible version with MM v14.0, However, I can't find any documentation on .NET version requirements for Mathematica.

I'm assuming you are on Windows? Did you get this figured out?

POSTED BY: Jeffery Henning
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