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Applications Versioning

I have a question on the versioning of uploaded applications. Assume the application "myApp.m" uploaded in the folder Base/Applications. An APIFunction is created:


Then we deploy myObj=CloudDeploy[thefunc]

We get the URL, say url1.

Now we upload a new version of "myApp.m"

What I experienced:

  1. url1 points to the old version of the app.
  2. In order to get the url that points to the new version we need to re-define "theFunc" and re-deploy "myObj"
  3. This generates a new URL, say url2.
  4. This means that all users of the API need to be informed about the url change.


  1. Is there a way to avoid this and have the original URL (url1) pointing to the latest version
  2. What happens to the old versions of the APIFunction: are there somehow going to pollute the system, or are they overwritten.


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