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SaveAs to same folder, Word completion in Text cells.

Posted 10 years ago

It is often convenient to save a notebook to its present folder under a new name. This requires the use of SaveAs. Similarly, some notebooks such as style sheets need to be saved using SaveAs even when retaining their present name. The most convenient thing for the system to do is to bring up the notebook's existing folder as the start point for any folder browsing .

In earlier versions of Mathematica this worked properly, then in Version 8 (I think) this got broken and in Version 9 (or 9.01) it got fixed. Now in Version 10 it is again broken. Instead it brings up the last directory used, with no relation to the present notebook.

Similarly, the word completion feature in Text cells has slowly slipped away. In Version 9 it worked but always gave a spurious error message. I sent numerous messages to WRI on this through their automatic error reporting form. Now in Version 10 word completion doesn't work at all. This was a very useful feature for checking spelling on single words. (It would also be quite nice if one could spell check a single Text cell.)

It is quite disconcerting that standard useful features, that were working and that one might hope were stable, slip away in newer versions. And that these aren't even caught in beta testing.

Could we expect these to be fixed in a Version 10 update?

4 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

I may not understand this, but I created a fresh notebook. I saved the notebook to a directory. I then used SetDirectory to make the default directory to be different. I executed FileNames and note the files listed were those in the new directory. I then selected SaveAs, and the default directory offered was that of the notebook, not the one set by SetDirectory.

I'm on Win x64 MMA 10.0.2. Is this just a Mac problem?

POSTED BY: David Keith

I had same problem and posted question on this sometime ago how-to-make-saveas-saves-to-notebookdirectory-instead-of-notebookbrowsedirecto but there was no solution and no workaround.

I also have many problems due to this, one can only hope it will be fixed in version 11.

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi

It ought to be fixed in a Version 10.0.3, which ought to come out fairly soon. There is no reason we should have to wait a year or two for a Version 11.

Another problem that was introduced in Version 10 was that 3D mouse rotation of graphics no longer works in Palettes. Why is this a problem? 1) Because it used to work in Palettes. 2) Because Palettes, instead of notebooks, can be used as side window displays. 3) Because it should be easier to completely minimize Mathematica without having to minimize every notebook window in sight.

Would it be possible to add an item "Minimize All" in the Mathematica /Window menu?

And for those who have trouble complexly shutting down Mathematica, you do it with the Exit item on the File Menu. Maybe someone knows a more intuitive way?

I have exactly the same problem with the SaveAs functionality in Mathematica 10. Quietly I was hoping that versions 10.0.1 or 10.0.2 would fix this, but they didn't. Has anyone found a solution or workaround to this problem? Thanks - Maarten

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