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Drag and drop from Excel to Mathematica, data appears in a TableView grid. Works for Windows!

I recently discovered this undocumented feature quite by accident— try dragging a selection of data from a Windows version of Microsoft Excel over to a Mathematica window and release the mouse button. Presto! The data appears in a TableView grid. It is not just an image but a real TableView you can work with. image illustrating drag and drop of data from Excel to Mathematica I have not found documentation or discussion of this nifty feature, presumably only possible with Windows 10 or 11. I have not tested it on another platform. I am curious whether this is a robust feature that is actively supported internally by the Mathematica/Windows UI team.

POSTED BY: Carl Verdon
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It's a useful and cool feature. I hope Wolfram keeps it.

POSTED BY: Carl Verdon

TableView is listed as Experimental, and it is very much still a work in progress.

POSTED BY: Ian Hojnicki
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