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How to generate LineIntegralConvolutionPlot for non-square geometries?

Posted 16 days ago

From the documentation, it is clear that

LineIntegralConvolutionPlot[{Subscript[v, x],Subscript[v, y]},{x,Subscript[x, min],Subscript[x, max]},{y,Subscript[y, min],Subscript[y, max]}]

can be used to generate plots for square geometries with geometry specified by

{x,Subscript[x, min],Subscript[x, max]},{y,Subscript[y, min],Subscript[y, max]}

How can we generate the corresponding non-square plots, for example, specified by reg (Region function)? What I mean is, how to generate these plots if the geometry is non-rectangular?
Also, what does the "white noise" mentioned on the function page represent? What does it signify? Thanks in advance!

POSTED BY: user 12
4 Replies
Posted 13 days ago

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply and examples. This is what I was exactly looking for. It worked and the attached image shows the LICP of the same.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: user 12

POSTED BY: Michael Rogers
Posted 15 days ago

enter image description hereHi Daniel,

I am not sure if I understood what you mentioned. To give you a better presentation of the problem I mentioned, please see the attached figure which is a stream plot obtained from a given velocity field. Now, if I want to get the LineIntegralConvolutionPlot (LICP) for the same what I should do? As you can see the stream plot is on a non-rectangular region while the LICP needs the region to be rectangular.

Thanks for your attention!

POSTED BY: user 12

Not sure if this is quite what you want, but you could alter either the vector field or the image argument raster values to be zero outside the region of interest.

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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