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Is there a way to use Wolfram Language in Unity 3D?

Posted 5 years ago
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Is there a way to use wolfram language in Unity3d. If i can do it can you tell me how? I just want to display mathematical symbols(limits, functions, etc) in unity's GUI system.

11 Replies

Here is a video in youtube about it: Mathematica & Unity 3D

Posted 4 years ago

I watched this video. Where can II find UnityLink files, or more info?


To summarize:

I also found this article:

The Wolfram Language will soon be integrated into Unity

But then I also have the same question:

Is there available Unity 3D link ?

Posted 4 years ago

Thanks for the links. I am looking for 4 files the speaker talk about in the video:

  • Mathematica.cs
  • MathematicaLink.cs
  • MathematicaMenu.cs
  • Unity.m

Not available yet?

Posted 3 years ago

Does any one know of an existing workflow to leverage Mathematica in unity ( aside from the yet unreleased version covered in the videos)?

Posted 3 years ago

I am also looking for Mathematica and Unity integration pipeline so that I can explore lot of ideas. But unfortunately there is no update.

Hi everyone,
Is there any new information coming up about the UnityLInk and Mathemetica.cs, MathematicaLink.cs, MathmeticaMenu.cs,Unity.m, that can bridge up Mathemetica with Unity3D game engine. (according to this video). I wish to use it for one of the project I've been working on, and have been looking in every corner of the internet ... but barely any clue. Any one has any heads up on that? Please Help! Pretty much appreciated.

Posted 2 years ago

It's more than 2 yrs since I saw that video presentation. No updates on the Unity and Mathematica integration. Its really sad. Now Mathematica staff should publicly announce their priorities,preferences about the same and clear all the doubts.

Posted 7 months ago

I see no activity on the topic on Mathematica/Unity integration since a year. I wanted to try something toward a space sim with Mathematica Kernel powering various screens or displays allowing actual computation and plotting graphics the sim players interact with. Task #1 was simple link to Mathematica in Unity with Wolfram.NetLink displaying input field, above that plot area, above that the text output for calculation. NetLink Kernel does return either that text or image of the plot depending on your input as in Mathematica notebook. Happily got the text to work, (yea 32^2 !) but Unity crashes whenever a plot image is generated. The C# sample, with an Image control showing lovely plot, does work when created in program outside of Unity. Thought I’d be clever with creation of DLL but darn if the thing didn’t still crash with my DLL and plot. Imported all the dependent .Net system DLLs also as assets into Unity. I read that similar crashes are due to Unity Editor and that build into game may work - I’ll try that this morning. Fun stuff.

Posted 7 months ago 2 weeks ago so it looks like it still is an active thing they're working on

Posted 7 months ago

Right - thanks for the link to Stephen Wolfram’s discussion group on the work they’re doing with Unity Integration. I won’t spend any more time on it until they release it, looks like Mathematica V12. Inserting & then actually controlling Unity game objects directly from the notebook was pretty impressive. Stephen was asking all the pertinent questions. The discussion around on-going access to a Mathematica kernel during game play, and questions around connect to cloud vs locally (to the Kernel), along with distribution was all interesting, and relevant to what I’m thinking about. All I’m playing with right now is the input and evaluated string (or image). The point to native types is excellent, you’d get acces to the geometries, materials, and their components. And here’s an idea, (though they may already have this in the pipeline) access to the Mathematica functions within the C# Unity script - you’d have some sort of native Mathematica object returning Mathematica Lists, Tables, Plots, 3DGraphics, whatever, with some usable converters to Unity objects of a similar type.

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