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How to change the degree of BezierFunction

Posted 10 years ago

Fitting BezierFunction to n points, by default does a n-1 degree Bezier Curve. I don't want that, I want way less.

For example, I have 150 points, therefore it does a Bezier of 149 degree, yet I would want it to bo cubic or maybe 4 degree.

How can I change that?

Thanks for the help!

POSTED BY: Mitja Jan?i?
2 Replies

Can be done with BSplineCurve[], which accepts SplineDegree as option

In[2]:= data = RandomReal[{-2, 5}, {150, 2}];

In[14]:= Graphics[{BSplineCurve[data, SplineDegree -> 4], Green, Line[data], Red, Point[data]}]

as higher the spline degree is, the more the curve concentrates away from outlier points. Despite the manual you cannot give SplineDegree with a value other than Automatic to BezierFunction[]

In[15]:= f4 = BezierFunction[data, SplineDegree -> 4]
BezierFunction::invdeg: Value of option SplineDegree -> 4 should be a positive integer, or a list of positive integers. >>

I tended to consider 4 as a positive integer ... compare the manual (Mathematica 10.0.0 Windows 7 64 Bit):

BezierFunction SplineDegree

seems to be a bug.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause

This post is scrambled after publishing it, ... another issue in the Editor discussion Improving the Wolfram Community Editor ... tried to input it with Google Chrome and with Internet Explorer 11. Still the Community Editor has quirks, please find below the beginning of the post from the edit view

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@Editor Lovers: What is the Problem with that post if the preview works?

P.S.: The previous post appears with correct formatting after the author signed off; as long as the author is signed in, the previous post is displayed to him scrambled. So, sorry for this extra post, did not expect that.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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