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Omissions from Standard Modelica Library

Posted 10 years ago

Hi to everyone,

I'm trying to use an external library (for thermal process simulation): The problem that I found is that it needs some packages of the standard modelica library that weren't include with the system modeler (Fluid and Media). I Downloaded from the modelica web site the full library, and overwritten the SystemModeler deafault library. The problem is that those packages shows errors when validated, or tried to use in the external library. For example when validating a function in the Media package it shows this:

[238] 04:15:26 PM Validation of function Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialMedium.setState_pTX

Error: [:0:0-0:0] Error occurred while flattening model Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialMedium.setState_pTX Error: [C:/Program Files (x86)/Wolfram Research/SystemModeler 4.0/Libraries/Modelica 3.2.1/Modelica/Media/] Class MassFraction not found in scope Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialMedium.setState_pTX while instantiating X. Error: [:0:0-0:0] Class MassFraction not found in scope Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialMedium.setState_pTX.

Validation of partial function Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialMedium.setState_pTX completed with errors.

Then I check in the class Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialMedium and there is declared this variable. And is the same all over those two Packages.

Please any help you can provide will be very valuable.

POSTED BY: Cesar Nieto

SystemModeler 4.0 does not have complete support for Media and Fluid, that's why those are not included.

However, if you anyway want to get your thermal process simulation package working it may be possible if you instead of including all of Media and Fluid try to identify the components that are used and only add these (probably easiest in a text editor). But, if you need to use the setState_pTX function above it is not sure it will work.

POSTED BY: Peter Aronsson
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