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RGBColor and CMYKColor pasters palettes

Posted 1 month ago

enter image description here

POSTED BY: William Stockich
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Regarding the incremental changes of .001 by clicking, they can be customized to be more perceptible and quickly changeable by deleting one or even two zeros in the programs. In the RGBColor program there are five occurrences of .001. In the CYMKColor program there are six. They appear in Round[#, .001] and in {0, 1, .001}.

POSTED BY: William Stockich

To say that I am honored to be selected for the Wolfram Community editorial column Staff Picks with a Featured Contributor Badge is a huge understatement. Thank you very much for distinguishing my profile in this way. I am also very grateful that the Wolfram Community exists. For a long time it has very helpful in my learning the surprisingly wide range of possibilities with Mathematica.

Thank you for your interest in my color paster palettes in the first place. My hope was that they might be time savers in color selection for others as they have been for me. Highlighting them as a Staff Pick and presenting them in full display is beyond any expectations I had.

Further, I do keep in mind that none of this would be possible without the wonderful programming system of Mathematica created by Stephen Wolfram.

POSTED BY: William Stockich

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