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Paclet MXNResources and Mathematica 13 vs 14

I recently upgraded Mathematica from version 13.2 to 14.0 on my workstation, and when attempting to execute a script, I obtained the following error associated with the Classify function:

Classify: TargetDevice -> GPU requires a restart of your Wolfram Language session

On the Mathematica Stackexchange forum, I was directed to a thread discussing a similar error that was due to an incompatibility with the MXNResources paclet in version 12 vs. version 13. In that instance, uninstalling the Paclet resolved the issue. However, not being familiar with its functionality, I am hesitant to do so because A. I'm not sure the same Paclet is causing the TargetDevice error and B. if I remove MXNResources, I'm not sure what additional functionality will be lost.

If someone is familiar with this paclet and its issues with v. 14, could you please instruct me on the best way to proceed?

Incidentally, with


I get a confirmation that MXNetResources version 14.0.28 is associated with my Mathematica installation. Perhaps it could be replaced with an older or newer version to resolve the problem?

POSTED BY: Max Shpak

You should contact Wolfram Technical Support and ask directly,

POSTED BY: Jason Biggs
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