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Moderator explanation of MathGroup/comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica down time

I and others have been receiving email wondering what has happened with the MathGroup mailing list and newsgroup. As founder and moderator of those groups, here is what the status is.

On May 23rd, I had a major house fire at my home/office in North Carolina where I live and work and moderate the MathGroup mailing list and newsgroup. This caused all of my computers and much of the rest of the contents of the house and the house itself to be severely damaged. I had hoped that I could restart the services in my temporary location if sufficient computers were saved. Recently, I learned that none of the computers which were acting as servers for the groups can be repaired. But, the data on the drives is probably recoverable. I am in the process of purchasing new machines and, as soon as I get the data back on those, I will restart the group for members who like that question and answer system which has been operating for 25 years.

I am one of the moderators of this Community also, so I encourage its use even after I restart the groups. My various email addresses do not work either. I can be reached at or Feel free to notify other members of the old group you might know of this situation.

My apologies for the problem and my inability to notify folks more fully and sooner.

Steve Christensen

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