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Can Wolfram Alpha be used as a tool to learn Mathematics?

Posted 4 months ago

Imagine that you wanted to learn mathematics and only had access to Wolfram Alpha. Say you wanted to learn Basic Geometry. Could you learn this through Wolfram Alpha? I'm imagining a dialog between the learner and Wolfram Alpha that begins with "I want to learn Geometry", and Wolfram Alpha would start down the thread of teaching and testing that person's knowledge of geometry? Is this science fiction at this point in time?

POSTED BY: Rob Steel
Posted 3 months ago

Hi Rob, I don't think that Wolfram Alpha is meant to do that since it doesn't have a chatbot. However, the computational capabilities of Wolfram were combined with ChatGPT through WolframGPT ( see ). So ChatGPT + WolframGPT fits pretty well your scenario.

POSTED BY: Raul Prisacariu
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