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Get started with WL

Posted 10 years ago

I'm new to Wolfram Language. Yesterday I spend 2 hours Googling about ecosystem of WL.

I would ask how do I get Wolfram Language. I would like to install WL package to my Debian Jessie (testing) just like I can do for Raspberry Pi. Also, I tried Wolfram programming cloud. Is it complete implementation of Wolfram Language? I found out that lots of thinks doesn't work there (Camera...). Also, when I try to do something like CountryData["G20", "Flag"], it takes so long and if I request more, it fails. And does developing in notebooks take credits (or is it limited another way)?

I'm sorry for such a beginner questions, but ++I was unable to Google it.

POSTED BY: Jakub Tetek

In my humble opinion you should download a trial version of Mathematica MathematicaTrial with it you have a 30 day chance to learn Wolfram Language in it's Mathematica Incarnation (sorry: implementation), most stuff mentioned here WolframLanguageReference you can do with Mathematica.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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