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"Image Acquisition is not supported on Unix." error message

Posted 9 years ago

I have checked that the raspicam is working by doing raspistill -o image.jpg command. It works.

But when I do

$ImageDevices on Raspberry Pi's Mathematica, I get the following message

Image Acquisition is not supported on Unix.

The same comes up when I try to acquire image by doing DeviceRead["RaspiCam"]

What can I do to fix it?

POSTED BY: James Choi
2 Replies
Posted 7 years ago

I'm using the Raspberry pi 1 Model B (Jessie Image) and trying run the command DeviceRead["RaspiCam"] on Mathematica 10.3. The CPU monitor shows full load (100%) during the processing, but nothing happens afterwards and the CPU monitor shows normal values again. Sometimes it says "Image acquisition is not supported on Unix" and sometimes the Pi even crashes and boots itself automatically.

By looking around the forums I see that this problem is common for the Raspberry pi running Wolfram Engine 10.3. I also tried with a fresh Raspbian installation, but the problem remains.

These commands also don't work:

  • DeviceOpen["RaspiCam"]
  • ImagingDevices

Although the command "raspistill -d" works over the Terminal.

How do I resolve this problem? Or is this Raspberry pi model just too slow to handle such processes?


  • Raspberry pi 1 Model B
  • Raspbian Jessie
  • Camera module v1
  • Mathematica 10.3

DeviceRead["RaspiCam"] should return an image on the Pi, and I've checked that it does for me. If you encounter issues with that, please let us know here.

$ImagingDevices , ImageCapture , CurrentImage , etc. are not supported on the Pi. Instead, the RaspiCam is supported using the RaspiCam driver, documented here:

Hope that helps, Lambert

POSTED BY: Lambert Chao
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