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[Colloquium] Ecological Research with Wolfram Language

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Contemporary ecological research requires robust analytical tools and techniques to model ecosystems reliably or study ecological data. Wolfram Language offers a broad and powerful toolkit for researchers exploring complex ecological questions.

In this special online colloquium, we have invited research experts from around the world to share short presentations focused on their recent exciting work in ecology, highlighting how they have used Wolfram Language tools in their work.

Learn about the wide-ranging applications of Wolfram Language for ecology, whether for data-driven discovery of spatial scales of habitat choice by elephants; assessing the effects of interplay between trophic structure, diversity and competition in a generalised consumer resource model; or modeling the effects of patch geometry on ecological release.

Attendees will gain insights into the application of computational approaches to ecological studies, ranging from structural and spatial ecology to food web dynamical modeling, demonstrating the versatility and capability of Wolfram Language in addressing critical ecological challenges.

To register for the event please follow the link below to the BigMarker platform.

Register here

Please feel free to use this thread to collaborate and share ideas. Also, let us know what colloquium topics interest you for future events in this series!

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