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Basic Math Assistant Palette is cut off from the side

Posted 3 months ago

I am a relative newbie running Mathematica 14.
When I select Palettes->Basic Math Assistant I have to choose the 50% zoom so that I can see all information available displayed in the palette. But doing this makes the text too small to read.

(see attached Basic Math Assistant palette set for 100%. Note that the screen display is cut off to the right.)

There doesn't seem to be any ability to resize the palette window and there doesn't appear to be any left/right scroll bar to bring the cut-off display into view? Am I missing something? Is there a way to select the 100% zoom and still access information that doesn't fit the display? How do power users get around this, or maybe they don't use palettes?



POSTED BY: Ted Hoffman

Hi Ted,

I don't know a solution, but I am sure this is not normal. Mine is fully displayed even with more than 100% zoom level. I think this may be related to your display settings, so I recommend contacting customer support

Here is how my Palettes is displayed

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna
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