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Lithographic imaging by electromagnetic interaction

Photo Lithography

The fundamental theory describing “Electrodynamic Fields” has been developed by James Clerk Maxwell and has not changed since Maxwell’s publication in 1862. However this theory is incomplete and fundamentally wrong. Maxwell’s theory, describing Electrodynamics, has been based on the assumption of the superposition of electric fields and magnetic fields. For this reason Maxwell’s equations are linear differential equations. Images in Lithography are considered to be the superposition of a collection of fundamental images.

In this New Theory in Physics a new “Non-Linear Electrodynamic” equation has been developed which describes the mutual interaction between different fundamental images. The final resulting image is not any more the superposition of the fundamental images but the final image becomes the result of the mutual interaction between the separate images. This final image is fundamentally different than the superposition of the original separate images.

Lithographic Imaging (Photolithography) represents the border area between the material world (silicon wafer) and the energy world (mutual electromagnetic imaging). Existing theories to describe these material-energy interactions are far from the required necessary theoretical physics to realize mutual imaging interaction processes at the surface of the silicon wafer. The only possibility to describe these complex interaction processes correctly is to develop a new theory in physics which describes the electro-magnetic force density interactions (expressed in N/m3) (equation 8). The integration of these force densities of the total interaction volume describes the total force between separate images which is deforming the final image. In this way it is possible to project line thicknesses on a silicon wafer smaller than the wavelength of the used optical light source (LASER).   The superposition of images is valid over distances larger than the wavelength of the used optical light source. The electromagnetic interaction between images (contraction of the final image) is valid over distances shorter than the wavelength of the used optical light source.

The new theory will be tested at large cosmic scale: Gravitational RedShift, Black Holes and Dark Matter and at sub-atomic levels. And at small atomic scale: The absorption and emission of light at sub-atomic levels in concentric spheres by an atom at discrete energy levels. Evidence will be demonstrated about the correctness of this new electro-dynamic theory which represents the only theory which connects electro-dynamics in a correct way.

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