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Plotting hypergeometric functions with constants

Posted 1 month ago

I am brand new to Wolfram, so I am still learning. However, I am trying to plot a couple of hypergeometric functions, one being a Kummer confluent and the other being a confluent of the 2nd kind. I seem to be getting caught up on getting the proper range of the variable(s) that I have; I am counting a and b as constants in this scenario, as they are yet to be determined. I have tried a few different values for the boundaries but so far have not had any luck in plotting. What would be the correct way to go about this, if at all possible?

Posted 1 month ago

Try scraping this into a freshly started MMA empty notebook

  c2 E^(-Sqrt[b] x)*Hypergeometric1F1[a/(2 Sqrt[b])+1,2,2 Sqrt[b] x]+
  c1 E^(-Sqrt[b] x)*HypergeometricU[a/(2 Sqrt[b])+1,2,2 Sqrt[b] x],
  {x,-10-2 I,10},PlotLegends->Automatic]

and see if you can get that to plot for you.

If it does then you can start making tiny changes, one at a time, and testing after each one to see if you can get it closer to what you actually want and still have it plot for you.

POSTED BY: Bill Nelson
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