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Sierpinski Mesh 3D print

I am trying to use SierpinskiMesh and then export it as STL to 3d Print it but since the edge of each tetrahedron intersect with other in only vertex the print fall out after I remove the print. I need to make those tetrahedron overlap. What is the best way to do this?
In the past, I do not have issue printing SierpiƄski carpet using MengerMesh

POSTED BY: Rebin Muhammad
3 Replies

One simple idea would be to scale (e.g. with factor 1.15) each of the tetrahedrons of the Sierpinski mesh to make them overlap a little, using:

scaleTetr[scale_][tetr_Tetrahedron] := Module[{center, vects},
  center = RegionCentroid[tetr];
  vects = First[tetr] - Threaded[center];
  Tetrahedron[Threaded@center + scale vects]]

And then:

spm0 = SierpinskiMesh[3, 3];
tetrs = MeshPrimitives[spm0, 3];
scTetrs = CSGRegion["Union", scaleTetr[1.15] /@ tetrs];
spm = DiscretizeRegion[scTetrs]

enter image description here

This can be exported to a .stl-file. Does that work for you?

POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner

Hi Henrik,

This seem good. I printed yesterday but it was very small. Today I will print it again and then will and see how it turn. but this solve my problem. thanks

POSTED BY: Rebin Muhammad

Hi Rebin,

I am glad that you like my approach. For scaling the final .stl-file try e.g.:

Printout3D[spm, TargetUnits -> Quantity[10, "Centimeters"]]
POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner
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